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June 24, 2004

Outsourcing Tech Jobs to Africa

India and Asia are traditional destinations for firms looking to outsource some of their operations and save money. But Africa may not be far behind these countries in competing for Western business.

From the Daily Times:

"Despite civil wars, malnutrition, and the anguish of the AIDS epidemic, something remarkable is happening in black Africa: the stealthy rise of a high-technology sector.

"The Africans speak English, type at least 50 words a minute on a computer, take data from paper claim forms supplied by US health insurers via satellite in electronic form, put it into new digital forms, and ship them back to the US. So connected are these Africans that their forms can be reviewed — as they fill them in — by an American supervisor 8,000 miles away.

"Ghana is best known for producing cocoa and gold, but today Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a Texas company that runs the outsourcing operation, is the country’s largest private employer." Read More

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