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March 08, 2006

Bush gives green signal for outsourcing

The visit of President George Bush to India was significant for the outsourcing industry  as outsourcing has been a concern across various segments of the population of both countries. President George Bush faced this issue head-on and stated that outsourcing is a result of globalization and should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. However, he did not give the disadvantages a go-by and admitted that outsourcing results in job losses.

The MBA from Harvard further stated that outsourcing is in it's infancy and the huge middle class segment of India cannot be ignored. President Bush has given his best to manage the attitude towards outsourcing in both US and India and stated that his re-election was a testimony of his polices. reports:

"The classic opportunity for our American farmers and entrepreneurs and small businesses to understand is there is a 300 million-person market of middle class citizens here in India," Bush said Friday during a discussion with young entrepreneurs at a business school in Hyderabad.

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