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August 10, 2005

Nuclear War Avoided Due to Outsourcing?!?

In what seems a rather interesting and incredulous take on the Indian Pakistani conflict, a writer for IndiaDaily speculates that nuclear conflict was avoided between India and Pakistan because of...outsourcing.  In the scenario, India and Pakistan were at the point of escalation when American corporations began to express a real financial interest in offshore outsourcing.  American corporations indicated that they wanted to invest heavily in India, but only insofar as the country remained stable militarily. 

This need caused Indian destination firms, who controlled much of the Indian corporate economy, to lobby the government for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.  Their efforts were successful and instead of beating the war drums, the Indian government made a genuine effort at peace negotation and war was avoided.  The answer seems a touch simplistic, but from a free market perspective it makes some sense.  It is generally agreed that a stable government brings greater foreign investment and that such investment improves the infrastructure and ultimately the standard of living for a particular country.  Whether corporate India would have been able to control the direction of the government in the midst of a run up to nuclear conflict seems a bit difficult to accept, but the underlying logic here works well. reports:

Indian outsourcing oligarchs made enormous amount of money exploiting the youth of India to work for American projects at substandard salaries.  The world was saved from a nuke war that could have devastated South Asia.

Read More: It was American corporate leaders and Indian outsourcing oligarchs who convinced BJP not to attack Pakistan after Indian Parliament attack and avoid nuke exchanges

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